Exclusively on MRT Beach: eFoil

the latest surfing trend!

The eFoil boards are equipped with a long fin with a powerful electric motor, with the help of which you can fly endlessly over the water without wind and waves. The “eFoil” name comes from how it’s built: E (electric) and Foil (wing). Experience shows that anyone can quickly master this new sport and that you can make your first flights over the water within 40 minutes of first starting out. Efoiling is safe, clean and highly addictive. 
    • Safe and clean
    • Latest surfing trend
    • Professional instructors
    • Group activity
    • Individual lessons
    • All-weather activity

E-Flow Team

Efoiling is easy to learn on MRT Beach! There is a special E-Flow team which also rents out SUP boards in addition to offering eFoil lessons and workshops. The instructors at E-Flow give various eFoil lessons and workshops to anyone 16 or older, weighing a maximum of 100 kilos and in the possession of a swimming diploma. 
The E-Flow team is located on the Waterstraat. Starting from the blue bridge this can be found at the beginning of the second bay. Feel free to come and have a look. 

You can receive more information at the front desk or on the E-flow team website

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