Burgundian Tastes

food & drink at the park

At Parc Maasresidence Thorn, Burgundian fun and the ultimate holiday go hand in hand. The fact that the park is located in Limburg, the Mecca of the Burgundian lifestyle, is no coincidence. It offers so many opportunities to see, taste and experience this authentic heritage. 
  • Humphrey’s Thorn restaurant
  • MRT Shop & Bakery
  • Beachbar Naut
  • Cozy terraces
  • Extensive breakfast buffet

Enjoy your meal at Humphrey's Thorn

At Humphrey's Thorn you can enjoy fine dining while admiring the breathtaking view of the marina and the water. We welcome you to our atmospheric restaurant or outside on the beautifully situated terrace, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with traditional Limburgse vlaai (pie), an extensive breakfast, a delicious lunch, a refreshing cocktail or an extensive dinner. Click here to reserve a table. 

MRT Shop & Bakery

For your daily groceries you can visit the centrally located supermarket MRT Shop & Bakery. MRT Shop & Bakery has a very wide range of various products; from fresh warm sandwiches to swimwear and from wine & beer to reading books. You can't think of anything that is crazy enough, MRT Shop & Bakery will have it.

The MRT Shop & Bakery is open daily from 8:00 am. Opening times may vary during the early, high and late season. The current opening times are visible at the entrance of the MRT Shop & Bakery.

Beachbar Naut

Beachbar Naut stands at the ready with delicious bites, homemade pastries, smoothies, and more from May till October. If you reserve a day ahead of time, Beachbar Naut is also happy to make you a scrumptious picnic to enjoy during a hiking or cycling excursion.


Start your day right, with a fresh and delicious breakfast. From 8 o clock onwards, our MRT Shop & Bakery is open. Here, you can find everything you require for a scrumptious breakfast, from fresh bread and croissants to tasty toppings and fresh juice. In addition, we serve an extensive breakfast buffet in Humphrey’s Thorn including fresh bread, a broad selection of meats and cheese, scrambled eggs, granola, and a rich variety of fruit.


With such a view over the water it is not surprising that there are several terraces. Centrally located on the water at the marina is a beautiful terrace where the most delicious dishes and the most delicious cocktails, refreshing beers and fine wines are served. The indoor pool has an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the sunshine in good weather, while the children are having fun in the pool.

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MRT Shop & Bakery

Given that the park is located in Limburg, the Mecca of Burgundian heritage, you can see, taste and experience that everywhere in the park. This includes the centrally located MRT Shop & Bakery, where you can do your daily shopping and more ...



At Parc Maasresidence Thorn you can enjoy the surroundings, MRT Beach, the central facilities in and around the park, and of course our calendar full of numerous activities, workshops and events all year round ...



Children are never bored at Parc Maasresidence Thorn. There are numerous facilities and activities for children of all ages both in the park and in the surrounding area ...


Happy Benny

Happy Benny isi undoubtedly the greatest friend of children. Our very own cuddly dog and a truly fun animal. Benny travels from park to park and can regularly be found in his house at the Parc Maasresidence Thorn, where he is accompanied by an enthusiastic team of animators ...