Happy Benny

Cuddly mascot and fun pet! 

Happy Benny isi undoubtedly the greatest friend of children. Our very own cuddly dog and a truly fun animal. Benny travels from park to park and can regularly be found in his house at the Parc Maasresidence Thorn, where he is accompanied by an enthusiastic team of animators
Happy Benny and his team are the pacesetter for all children in the park. Benny has so many hobbies that certainly you will have something in common with him! 
    • Accompanied by a team of animators 
    • Creative, educational and active 
    • A sociable animal and a friend of children 
    • Happy Benny Children’s Club 
    • Happy Benny merchandise 

Happy Benny’s hobbies

Happy Benny can be found in the Happy Benny Children’s Club where you can draw, paint, craft, sing, dance, laugh, read and play puzzles with him. Plenty of activities and workshops are organized for all ages such as raft building, archery, "jam" sessions (learn how to make your own jam from fresh fruit) and the Happy Benny cookies or pizza baking workshops. If you prefer sports, take him for a walk, bowling or climbing and try out one of the playgrounds in the park. His greatest hobby is of course going on quests! 

Happy Benny Quests 

There are several Happy Benny Quests available. Go out with the Happy Benny Quest cards and discover the nicest places in and around the park. There are different treasure hunts, big and small, for the entire family or accompanied by the team of animators with a group of other children. 

The Happy Benny Quests are highly recommended for the whole family: educational, adventurous and surprising! So head out and discover the most beautiful places in and around the park. 



Would you like to know everything about Happy Benny's adventures and hobbies? Then join us for the reading afternoon where we conclude the event with the Happy Benny dance. You also get a super cute Happy Benny coloring page. If you are smart, you can put it in the Happy Benny letterbox during your holiday so that you will have the chance to win a unique Happy Benny gift as a souvenir of your own adventures with Happy Benny in the park.

Happy Benny souvenirs

In addition to the free coloring pages of Happy Benny, we have all kinds of nice Happy Benny merchandise which work as a great memento for our biggest little fans. For example, we have Happy Benny breakfast plates and t-shirts. You can find all of these at the front desk or with the animators, so do take a look.

Happy Benny = happy children = happy family.  

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Happy Benny is undoubtedly the greatest friend of children. Our very own cuddly dog and a truly fun animal. Benny travels from park to park and can regularly be found at the Happy Benny Kids Club  where he is accompanied by an enthusiastic Kids Club animation team ...


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