Front Desk

the heart of the resort

Contact the front desk:
+31 (0) 475 26 06 06
The front desk is open every day and represents the point of contact for all resort guests. You will find the spacious reception area in the center of the resort in one of the central buildings. At our multilingual front desk you can obtain detailed information about all facilities, activities and events, both in and around the resort. You can also rent bicycles, sloops and more.
You can pay by debit card, Visa or Mastercard at reception. Cash payments are not possible.

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  • Multilingual reception
  • Service and information desk
  • Rental point
  • Tips about the area

Central Point for Rentals

From the marina, there are all sorts of ways to enjoy yourself on and around the water. Would you rather prefer cycling through nature on a bike, mountain bike, or e-bike? These are also available at the reception! With a large range in size and the additional choice for a children’s seat, these bikes match everyone’s preference.


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MRT Shop & Bakery

Given that the resort is located in Limburg, the Mecca of Burgundian heritage, you can see, taste and experience that everywhere in the park. This includes the centrally located MRT Shop & Bakery, where you can do your daily shopping and more! ...



An excellent game for the entire family! Bowling is dynamic and exciting from start to finish. Do you know how to get all the pins by throwing the ball at the perfect angle? ...



Children are never bored at Parc Maasresidence Thorn. There are numerous facilities and activities for children of all ages both in the resort and in the surrounding area ...


On vacation with your dog

Of course, your four-legged friend can and will go on holiday with you! Dogs are very welcome at Parc Maasresidence Thorn and can enjoy themselves endlessly in the natural environment ...