The Ultimate Holiday

for your dog as well  

Of course, your four-legged friend can and will go on holiday with you! Dogs are very welcome at Parc Maasresidence Thorn and can enjoy themselves endlessly in the natural environment. It's not a coincidence that our own park mascot, 'Happy Benny', is also a dog. Parc Maasresidence Thorn is surrounded by no fewer than 6 large nature reserves, two of which are National Parks. 
    • Luxurious resort in the heart of Limburg 
    • At the Maasplassen 
    • Surrounded by 6 large nature reserves 
    • Premium villas with spacious gardens 
    • Waterfront apartments 
    • Pet friendly destination 

Walking in nature with your dog

You can walk straight into the wilderness from your accommodation. There are also several off-leash areas in the region. De Meinweg National Park in Herkenbosch has no less than two large off-leash areas where dogs can run free all year round, provided they are under surveillance. Melickerheide off-leash area (close to Herkenbosch Golf Course) is 55 hectares in size while Zandbergen has 44 hectares. There are signs on site indicating where the dogs are allowed to run loose and where the off-leash area ends. Parking is possible at the visitor center at Meinweg 2 (Herkenbosch). Afterwards you can also enjoy a drink and a delicious piece of Limburgian pie (vlaai) in the dog-friendly De Boshut brasserie. 

If you want to take a longer walk or combine these off-leash areas, your dog is also welcome anywhere outside the off-leash spaces, provided it is on a leash of course. 

Dogs are also very welcome around the park, along the green banks of the Maasplassen and the adjacent nature reserve De Koningssteen, if the applicable rules are being followed. 

Facilities at the park 

There are plenty of facilities for your four-legged friend in the park and at the villas. For example, every villa has an outside tap with which you can cool or rinse your dog in the summer months, if necessary. There are even villas with a fence and lockable gate so your dog may play outside safely. Would you like to relax on one of our terraces after a walk? Dogs are welcome to join and their drinking bowls are always ready. In addition, there are dispensers with bags and trash cans available in the park.

Doggy Beach 

Does your dog love water too? Is it one of those puppers who likes to stand on a SUP board or chase every stick in the water? If this is the case, you shouldn’t miss out on the first dog beach in Limburg. Doggy Beach is located in the trendy Area X in Roermond, between the Koers Zuid Beachclub and the Beaver Creek Wake Park. Here you can swim, paddle or simply relax with your dog(s). 


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