Indoor and outdoor swimming

from the MRT Pool to the day beach 

The holiday and swimming go hand in hand! Here, at Parc Maasresidence Thorn, we understand this all too well. Therefore, the resort boasts a few great water options. In addition to the day beach on MRT Beach, there is a brand-new indoor swimming pool, MRT Pool, centrally located in the park. It allows for water-based fun year-round, for every age group. You can splash into the water from the large slide, swim a few more laps, or enjoy the whirlpool while the little ones play in the children's pool. The MRT Pool has a depth of 135 cm and there is no supervision. Around the MRT Pool, there are various seats and sunbeds so that you can watch your children while they enjoy themselves. 

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MRT Pool facilities

As a park guest, you have free access to the MRT Pool. Upon arrival, you will receive a special ticket for admission to the area. There are lockers, changing rooms, showers, toilet areas, and a family changing room. Consult the reception for the opening times of the MRT Pool. While the children are swimming, you can keep an eye on them on the terrace and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Not a park guest but still want to swim? You can! This is possible in the low season outside the school holidays. Click here for current availability and buy your tickets directly.

Swimming outdoors  

The summer months offer extra enjoyment with the MRT Beach. We don’t offer supervision, but we do provide various safety features.

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Aquapark Fun Beach  

The Fun Beach is located at just 3 km away from the park. Small children can enjoy themselves on Little Beach equipped with bouncy castles, trampolines and a paddling pool. The ultimate water attraction at Fun Beach is the Mega Aquapark. This largest water park in the Netherlands consists of a 2,000 m2  island in the water, complete with floating playground equipment. This is a true feast for the eyes and a true play-paradise on the water, for everyone who likes climbing, jumping or trying out slides. You can let off steam and perform the wildest tricks on devices with very telling names: Monkey Bar, RodeoSlide, Flipper, Halfpipe and Hurdle. 

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MRT Beach

Parc Maasresidence Thorn luxury holiday park is located in the heart of the Limburg area, surrounded by the versatile Maasplassen and gorgeous nature.



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