MRT Beach – An Unparalleled Experience

A stunning backdrop of water(sports) and nature

The luxury holiday resort, Parc Maasresidence Thorn lies at the heart of the Middle-Limburg water recreation area carrying the same name. It is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Maasplassen. Along the boulevard, past the apartments, MRT Harbor, and the quaint blue bridge, lies MRT Beach. This brand-new beach is the epitome of both action and relaxation.

From the 1st of October onwards, the MRT Beach, including all facilities such as the beach bar, the volleyball field, and the SUP/Efoil rentals, will be closed until the spring of 2024. However, the beach outside of the enclosed area will still be accessible to everyone, including dogs.

    • Wonderful outdoor area
    • Day beach with sunbathing
    • Watersports recreation
    • Outdoor activities
    • Swimming location
    • Events location

Action at MRT Beach

The lush waters can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, but nothing beats an SUP board or Efoil! Put your balancing skills to the test and prepare for a smashing, splashing afternoon with friends or family! The instructors at E-Flow stand at the ready to teach you all the ins and outs with workshops for people older than 16 who possess a swimming diploma.

Besides the standard SUP Boards, you can also try your hand at the Monster SUP! This behemoth for 8 adults or 12 children provides an exhilarating experience for the entire family or friend group. Is it easy to stay balanced? No! Is it great fun? Heck yes!

Should you wish to be the sole captain of your vessel, then you can try out the SUP bike! This SUP board with paddles is a great invention that allows you to zip across the water with ease! If you are together with small children, then we suggest the tandem bike. They are a fun and safe alternative for everyone to enjoy!

Discover the Maasplassen by kayak at the MRT Beach. Enjoy a paddle-fueled adventure in kayaks for either 1 or 2 people. Top tip: take a picnic with you to savor in the middle of nature!

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Relaxation at MRT Beach

If you’re looking for the good life, we definitely recommend a visit to MRT Beach. The fine sands, lazy sunbeds, and the green sunbathing area invite anyone to fully relax! Have you recharged and heated up in the sun? Then cool off with a dive in the Maasplassen lakes!

For a cup of coffee, a sweet treat, a tasty snack, or a refreshing drink, you are more than welcome at Beachbar Naut. The sun-swept tables invite everyone to come grab a drink and enjoy the stunning lakeside in good company. Beachbar Naut also makes the best picnics for you to pick up on the go! Reserve a picnic one day in advance and they will make sure it’s ready the next morning. You can also rent a lazy sunbed near the bar. They offer the ultimate form of relaxation in the sun near the water.

Looking to stretch those lazy limbs? Right next to Beachbar Naut., you will find a brand-new beach volleyball field. Challenge your friends or family to a game!

Your Very Own Sunbed at MRT Beach

Are you ready to relax and enjoy the sun? At MRT Beach, you can now also rent a lazy sunbed near the water! With one of these beds, you can swim, SUP, E-Foil, play beach volleyball, and experience boundless other fun activities whilst, at the same time, having a private, relaxing place to fall back to! There are a few different types of sunbeds you can choose from, depending on how lazy and luxurious you wish to make your holiday!

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Beach Yoga outside at MRT Beachclub

Enjoying yoga on the beach! What more could you want than to start your weekend relaxed? While soaking up the sun and being one with the nature around you, you unwind with the beautiful view of the water!

Whether you are an experienced yogi or beginner, with us you will find the perfect combination of relaxation and challenge. Everyone can participate at their own level, as yoga works with their own body's capabilities. The teacher takes you into a wonderful flow, with a relaxing moment at the end of the class. While lying on the mat you enjoy the sounds around you.

Beach Yoga outside at MRT Beachclub

  • Every Saturday at 10:00 am (May through September).
  • A class lasts 1 hour (gather 15 min in advance).
  • To bring: towel and smile, yoga mats are given to you by us.
  • Physical limitations? Please discuss in advance if you can still participate.
  • Bad weather? If the class is cancelled due to bad weather, you will be notified the night before by 10 pm at the latest. Keep an eye on your mailbox for this.
  • Maximum 15 participants per class.

MRT Beach Shuttle Service

Parc Maasresidence Thorn now offers a convenient shuttle service to MRT Beach. The shuttle operates daily at 11 AM and 12 PM, departing from MRT Promenade and heading to MRT Beach. For your return journey, the shuttle will be available at 4 PM and 4:30 PM from MRT Beach back to MRT Promenade. This service is free for resort guests.

Diving: Explore the Shipwreck

If you possess a diving license, you can dive towards a freshwater shipwreck at the Maasplassen. At MRT Beach, you can find diving area De Grote Hegge. Even though the water is not always as transparent, it is still a fascinating place as you can find one of the largest freshwater shipwrecks in northern Europe there. It lies a few meters off of the shore, with its deck buried into the riverbed. It’s definitely worth a dive!

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