MRT Beach – An Unparalleled Experience

A stunning backdrop of water(sports) and nature

The luxury holiday resort, Parc Maasresidence Thorn lies at the heart of the Middle-Limburg water recreation area carrying the same name. It is surrounded by the serene nature of the Maasplassen. Along the boulevard, past the apartments, MRT Harbor, and the quaint blue bridge, lies MRT Beach. This brand-new beach is a harmonious contrast of action and relaxation.

    • Wonderful outdoor area
    • Day beach with sunbathing
    • Watersports recreation
    • Outdoor activities
    • Swimming location
    • Events location
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Your Very Own Sunbed at MRT Beach

Are you ready to relax and enjoy the sun? At MRT Beach, you can now also rent a lazy sunbed near the water! With one of these beds, you can swim, SUP, E-Foil, play beach volleyball, and experience boundless other fun activities whilst, at the same time, having a private, relaxing place to fall back to. There are a few different types of sunbeds you can choose from, depending on how lazy and luxurious you wish to make your holiday!

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Beachbar Naut

Every beach needs a good beach bar, MRT Beach included! Therefore, Beachbar Naut stands at the ready with delicious bites, homemade pastries, smoothies, and more from May till October. If you reserve a day ahead of time, Beachbar Naut is also happy to make you a scrumptious picnic to enjoy during a hiking or cycling excursion.


Beach Yoga

Every Saturday morning at 9, there is a yoga session on the beach! Beginners and experienced yogi alike may join on the soft-glistening sands of the lush Maasplassen shores to fully immerse themselves in a series of exercises supervised by an experienced trainer. Are you ready to start your beach day off, right?

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SUP Bike Tours

Cycling on the water? Why not?! Rent a SUP Bike and prepare for a unique day, filled with all kinds of water fun. Apart from the SUP Bike, SUP Bike Tours also rents out Monster SUP’s; a great challenge for groups who want to work on their balancing act! For those looking to explore the region, canoes or “pack rafts” are available. With a pack raft, you can follow a special route that includes both hiking and canoeing.

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Ever dreamed of soaring above the water like an albatross? At E-Flow, this is possible! The E-Foil is a super modern surfboard with a long fin, hydrofoil, and a propellor that lifts the entire board up and out of the water while you stand on it! Aside from these modern marvels, E-Flow also has SUP-boards, and for those looking to relax and stretch a little, there are special SUP Pilates classes!

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Bring your day at the beach to a whole new level with an extensive massage! During the weekends, if the weather allows it, Zensitive’s massage clinic will be available for anyone looking to relax their body and soul. Choose from a variety of different treatments or massages and experience complete bliss.

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Volleyball Field

Serve, receive, pass, spike, and dive on the beach volleyball court at MRT Beach. The court is open from 09:00 till 20:00, inviting all sportsy beach goers to come play a game! Volleyballs may be rented at the reception of Parc Maasresidence Thorn.

Shipwreck Diving

If you own a diving license, you can jump into the Maasplassen from diving site De Grote Hegge. Even though the water is not always as transparent, you can still find quite a few fascinating objects, including one of the largest freshwater shipwrecks in northern Europe!

Just a few meters out of shore, you will find the vessel with its deck buried into the riverbed. Exciting stuff!

Dog-Friendly Beach

The lush forests surrounding the Maasplassen lakes are highly suitable for a long walk with your trusty four-legged companion. Should you have any energy leftover after, you can go play fetch at MRT Beach after! Dogs are more than welcome, although we kindly ask you to put them on a leash near Beach Bar Naut.

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MRT Beach Shuttle Service

Parc Maasresidence Thorn now offers a convenient shuttle service to MRT Beach. The shuttle operates daily at 11:00 and 12:00, departing from MRT Promenade and heading to MRT Beach. For your return journey, the shuttle will be available at 16:00 and 16:30 PM. This service is complimentary for resort guests.