Located in the park: MRT Beach!

A beautiful backdrop of water(sports) and nature

Parc Maasresidence Thorn luxurious holiday park is located in the heart of the Limburg area, surrounded by the versatile Maasplassen and gorgeous nature. As an extension of its central facilities - MRT Harbor and the accommodations, the park lies on the banks of lake De Grote Hegge and with a recognizable blue bridge, it extends into the MRT Beach. The brand new cycling and walking boulevard winds from the heart of the park into this fantastic green area outside the park. 

    • Wonderful outdoor area
    • Private day beach with sunbathing
    • Watersports recreation
    • Outdoor activities
    • Swimming location
    • Events location

MRT Beach is bustling with activities

Whether you decide to cross the lake with a pedal boat or choose to enjoy a nice walk or cycling trip on the boulevard, MRT Beach is definitely worth discovering! Here, you can enjoy various outdoor activities whilst the versatile Maasplassen allows water sports enthusiasts to truly indulge themselves.

Beach fun

The summer months offer extra enjoyment at the day beach, where you can take a refreshing dip in the water. There is no supervision.

Private beach with sunbathing area

Would you rather enjoy a relaxing drink  near the water? We have thought about that! You can find a private day beach with a sunbathing area exclusively reserved for park guests. 

eFoil: the new surf trend 

eFoils are boards with long fins and electric motors with which you can fly endlessly over the water without the need for wind or waves. You can easily learn this sport at MRT Beach! The special E-Flow team offers SUP boards for rent in addition to eFoil lessons and workshops. The instructors give various lessons to everyone who is 16 or older and has a swimming certificate. Click here for more information. 

More information

Diving to a wreck

If you possess a diving license, you can dive towards a freshwater shipwreck at the Maasplassen. At MRT Beach, you can find diving area De Grote Hegge. Even though the water is not always as transparent, it is still a fascinating place as you can find the largest freshwater shipwreck in northern Europe there. It lies a few meters off of the shore, with its deck buried into the riverbed. It’s definitely worth a dive!

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On vacation with your dog

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