Boundless green nature

within easy reach

Discover the hidden natural gems of Central Limburg right from Parc Maasresidence Thorn. The immediate area is known for its extensive heathland, beautiful forests and numerous ponds. You have the chance to experience this beauty both in and around the park.
The nature reserves vary enormously. From lovely strips between two village centers to no less than 6 large nature reserves, 2 of which are National Parks. De Groote Peel National Park and De Meinweg National Park have a varied and unique landscape with a character all of their own. The Leudal nature reserve has truly earned its name of being called the garden of Limburg. This nature reserve has a picturesque beauty and is a very popular walking and cycling area.
    • National parks
    • Nature reserves
    • Beautiful cycling and walking routes
    • Surrounded by The Maasplassen
    • Peace, space and adventure

The Leudal

Located in the municipality of Leudal, this nature reserve is the calling card of this region. The still visible traces go back far into the last ice age. During gigantic sandstorms, meters high sand dunes were created. Together with deeply carved, ravine-like stream valleys, the area therefore offers relatively large differences in height. This makes the Leudal an attractive and surprising piece of nature.

RivierPark Maasvallei

Located between Thorn and Maastricht, the Meuse meanders stubbornly over a length of 35 kilometers exactly on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium. The RivierPark Maasvallei is a cross-border park with the Meuse river at its core. A number of picturesque villages have developed along both banks of the Meuse, strung together like a string. This combination of nature and culture is what makes the RiverPark Maasvallei area so unique.

Discover Koningssteen

In addition to the large nature reserves, the area also has a high number of medium-sized and smaller nature reserves such as the Koningssteen. A beautiful place within walking or cycling distance of the park, located on the Grote Hegge next to the MRT Beach. The Koningssteen houses a special surprise in the shape of herds of Galloway cattle and Konik horses. The area is perfect for beautiful walks. Staying on the trails is not necessary. You can wander around everywhere and enjoy the rugged nature.

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