Magical Maastricht

versatile city on the Meuse

In only 40 minutes you can travel from Parc Maasresidence Thorn to the heart of Maastricht, the most southern city of our country.
Maastricht is a city full of character, history, art and culture. With its monumental
buildings, wide squares, trendy design shops, its stately churches, adventurous caves and of course the Meuse - it will steal your heart for sure. Surrounded by extensive vineyards and beautiful nature in a hilly area, there is a unique versatility in this region. The city is full of beautiful, historic neighbourhoods, cozy and exceptionally good food service, vibrant events and high-profile art. Maastricht offers all of these and more..
    • Cozy city of fashion
    • Hip neighborhoods
    • Art and culture
    • Old town
    • Burgundian hospitality

Maastricht Highlights


In addition to varied exhibitions, you will find a unique combination of old, modern and contemporary art here. This building by the Italian architect Aldo Rossi shines on the Maastricht skyline. The Bonnefantenmuseum is a striking place both inside and out.

Churches and basilicas

Maastricht is full of breathtaking churches and even has two basilicas. The Basilica of Saint Servatius, located on the famous Vrijthof square and the Basilica of Our Lady, located on the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein square. There is also a 700 year old Dominican Church, now transformed into Book Store Dominicanen.

Centre Céramique

The Centre Céramique is a cultural center and is the best place in Maastricht to learn more about the cultural heritage of Limburg and Maastricht. In the permanent exhibition you will find archaeological finds, Maastricht pottery, glass, instruments, school posters and Japanese prints. In addition, there are also temporary exhibitions on a regular basis.

Maastricht Underground

Maastricht underground is the collective name for everything there is to do in Fort Sint Pieter, Grotten Noord, Grotten Zonneberg and the Casemates.
These caves with their unique tunnel systems are only accessible with a guide. Awesome detail: you can also explore the caves by scooter.

The Vrijthof

Perhaps the most beautiful square in the entirety of The Netherlands.The place where the theatre, a museum and the most beautiful churches adjoin. This square has been attracting visitors since the Middle Ages when pilgrims traveled here to visit the grave of Saint Servatius. Today, the Vrijthof is known for its lovely terraces and the events which take place there.


A visit to Maastricht is not really complete if you have not been to Wyck. Wyck has been described for some time as the most hip and upcoming district of Maastricht. The atmospheric streets, trendy hotels, authentic shops and bustling restaurants mark this dynamic district as one of the best places to experience while there.


The Jekerkwartier is hidden between ancient monuments and the city walls of the old town. Stroll through the streets, relax in the City Park or enjoy one of the many terraces. If you're lucky, there's also a jazz band performing around the corner.

Shopping in Maastricht

Maastricht is an excellent fashion oriented city. In addition to well-known major fashion brands, there are numerous special boutiques and authentic specialty stores. A true mecca for the shopaholic. And the great thing is... the entire shopping district can be reached on foot.

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