Tourist attraction

Valkenburg is located in the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul and is the beating heart of the protected Heuvelland nature reserve. With its rich tourist tradition, the marlstone town has been a major attraction for more than 135 years. Around the impressive castle ruins and above the centuries-old corridor systems, the charming medieval city center is full of terraces and shops. And all of this is surrounded by boundless green nature, moss-green hills and beautiful views. Valkenburg is approximately 45 km from Parc Maasresidence Thorn. The perfect destination for a day trip.
    • Marlstone town
    • Tourist attraction
    • Medieval city center
    • Castle ruins
    • Cozy terraces
    • Perfect day out

Caves and Castle Ruins

Valkenburg has been attracting tourists like a magnet for centuries. Visitors come for the mines and caves adorned with paintings from the Roman era. The castle towers high above Valkenburg, the only one of its kind in The Netherlands. Today only remnants of the castle remain, dating back to the eleventh century, but the castle ruins offer a breathtaking view even in this state.

Family Park

You will experience plenty of excitement in the Haunted Castle and the roller coaster in De Valkenier amusement park. Younger children can also enjoy the attractions in the Fairytale Forest and see Snoopie the Clown's various clown shows.
During summer months, a toboggan guarantees fun adventures at top speed.

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