a metropolis just around the corner

Just across the Dutch border you will find attractive cities, definitely worth a visit such as Düsseldorf in Germany. You can get there in less than an hour from Parc Maasresidence Thorn. It isn’t just the fact that you are in another country, but in a completely different world where fashion, design, art, culture and architecture are taken to the next level. Düsseldorf is a true metropolis and an international hotspot, attracting tourists from all corners of the world.
    • Fashion city in Germany
    • Culinary enjoyment
    • Art and culture
    • Beautiful architecture
    • Bustling neighbourhoods

Düsseldorf Highlights

Altstadt is Düsseldorf’s most popular district. It is the oldest district of the city, where you will find many museums, pleasant shopping streets and entertainment venues. It is seen as the beating heart of Düsseldorf.

Carlstadt is the southern part of the center. This place is the second oldest district in Düsseldorf after Altstadt. Here you will find important shopping streets such as the 'Kö' and the world-famous Königsallee where a variety of exclusive shops wait to be discovered.

Medienhafen is the hip part of Düsseldorf. This new district has been built in the old harbor part of the city. Thanks to beautiful masterpieces of architecture, an attractive neighborhood has been achieved with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a wide range of hotels, eateries and trendy cocktail bars.

Schadowstrasse is a long shopping street east of Düsseldorf’s old center. This modern street is the main attraction of the Schadowstrasse shopping district of the same name. Here you can shop as much as you would like to. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Düsseldorf transforms its center into a cozy Christmas market, adding to the mood and excitement of the period.


Beer tasting

The city has several breweries where beer is created in the traditional way. The most popular one is probably the so-called Altbier. This top beer is brown in color and has a spicy taste. There are several breweries which have their own recipe to create Altbier. Well-known breweries are 'Zum Schlüssel', 'UIGE' and 'Im Fuchsen'.


Düsseldorf has several museums, both large and small in size. Actually, they're all worth checking out, but our favorites are:

  • City Museum Duesseldorf
  • Shifffahrt Museum
  • Goethe Museum
  • Dusseldorf Art Hall

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