The White Town 

The white town of Thorn is one of the pearls of Central Limburg, located in the municipality of Maasgouw. When you step into this world of these white houses, nostalgic squares and lovely cobbled streets, it feels as if you have truly entered another world. Due to the white houses and many monuments in the historic center of this town, Thorn is very popular with tourists and artists from all over the world. Around the Abbey Church, which towers high above the white houses, you can eat and drink in various places.
    • Protected cityscape 
    • White houses 
    • Historical streets 
    • Abbey Church 
    • Rich history 
    • At a walking distance  


Thorn has once been a mini principality, ruled by women of nobility. Napoleon erased almost all traces of these ladies of the highest importance. The abbey and the palace were demolished, only the Abbey Church and some of the walls have been preserved. 

History of Thorn 

Until 1794, Thorn was the capital of one of the smallest countries in Europe: the Principality of Thorn, a member state of the Holy Roman Empire. In the many centuries acting as a miniature principality, this Limburgan town truly flourished. The rich and powerful residents even had their own jurisdiction and currency. 
This came to an end with the arrival of the French in 1794. The ladies in charge fled and the poor arrived to inhabit the town. The French established a tax depending on the size of the windows on the houses: the larger the windows, the higher the amount. Obviously the poor could not afford this, and made their windows smaller by bricking them up with stones. After this, the houses were painted white, so that the difference between the old and new bricks would be erased. At the time this was a genius idea to disguise the traces of poverty, while today this is the pride of Thorn

The Abbey Church of Thorn 

The Abbey Church of Thorn should certainly be visited. It is considered as the base of the town. This imposing building has been built in various phases over the centuries. The oldest part dates back to the 10th century. At the end of the 19th century, the abbey has been restored by an architect by the name of Pierre Cuypers. 

Wine tasting at Thorn Winery 

Thorn Winery has been guaranteed to produce award-winning wines for years. A look at master winer Harry Vorselen in his tasting room or at one of the vineyards is guaranteed to be a pleasure. The tasting room and the shop are located in the historic center of Thorn. 

Culinair Enjoyment  

Thorn is known for its cozy terraces and restaurants. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a piece of real Limburgian flan on the terrace of Grand-Café 't Stift! The popular restaurant De Pannenkoekenbakker in Thorn is located in a historical building in the heart of the town. While in the Hofferkeukens Restaurant you will be welcomed in an atmosphere which once charmed the ladies of nobility. 

In our extensive digital guide, “Notre Guide”, you will find more information about the restaurants and bars in the area. This guide will also give you information about supermarkets and other shops in the area. You will receive the link for this guide prior to your arrival.   

Vanuit Thorn:  

Thorn is not only located between beautiful nature reserves and The Maasplassen, but is also surrounded by bustling cities in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. From Parc Maasresidence Thorn you can walk to the cozy city center of Thorn in just a few minutes. 

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