• Largest contiguous water sports area in The Netherlands
  • Discover National Parks & Wildlife Areas
  • Top Euroregional location situated between vibrant cities
  • Wide range of park facilities and activities
  • Kids Club Animation Team
  • Happy Benny park mascot

Vibrant Activities

at the park and in the surrounding area

The surroundings of Parc Maasresidence Thorn are ideal for an active holiday around the Maasplassen area. Take a long bike ride or walk through the villages while enjoying the beauty of nature. Practice various water sports right in front of your holiday villa on MRT Beach or in the immediate vicinity of the park. You can also visit the nearby villages and towns such as Maastricht and Roermond. With Happy Benny, our park mascot, and the Kids Club animator team, there is so much to do for kids in the park. If you prefer a day out, visit one of the many theme parks in the area.

The park is located in a top location, right in the middle of the Maasplassen area and exceptionally close to everything. The most diverse activities are therefore always within reach, whether you opt for relaxation or an adventure while being active - there is truly something for everyone here.

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Activities for Children

Numerous activities for children are being organized. 

*Via our information guide “Notre Guide”, you can find the current activities program. You will receive the link for this guide prior to your arrival.


Diving in the Maasplassen

If you have a license for diving you can go practice this in the Maasplassen. At the park, in De Grote Hegge, lies the largest freshwater wreck in Europe. In addition to this, the Boschmolenplas in Panheel is a popular place for diving. The water in the lake is very clear, the visibility underwater can be up to 12 meters. There is also a diving school at the Boschmolenplas where you have the chance to learn how to dive or dive safely as a beginner.

Fun Beach

Fun Beach means enjoying a wonderful day at the beach in a great location, next to the water. Take a refreshing dive or go on an adventure at the Aquapark. Children can enjoy themselves at Little Beach, on the toddler beach, the bouncy castle, the trampolines and the paddling pool. Fun Beach Fountain, one of the largest fountains in the world, is an eye-catching marvel of the Maasplassen area in Central Limburg.


Cruises on the Meuse and the Maasplassen

There are round trips from Thorn, Maasbracht and Wessem which take about 2.5 hours. From the Roerkade in Roermond you can go on shorter, one-hour cruises. Obviously you can also rent a sloop from the reception and go out on your own.  


Go out with the Happy Benny Quests cards and discover the best places in and around the park. There are various treasure hunts, large and small, fit for the entire family or with a group of other children accompanied by the animator team. Happy Benny offers tips and facts, with these you have the chance to become a real detective hero. 


The ideal location for a wonderful fishing holiday. If you don’t own a VISpas, you can also buy a weekly permit. At the reception of Parc Maasresidence Thorn, the Limburg licence of Sportvisserij Limburg is for sale. With this license you can fish at: 

  • the Panheelderbeek: from Tramweg take the A2 in Heel en Wessem.
  • the Thornerbeek.
  • the Itterbeek next to the Belgian border, at the inflow of the Thornerbeek.
  • Zegershof pond

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities with a view across the water are amazing; more so on fair days and warm evenings. Various activities are offered, either for individuals or groups. In our digital guide “Notre Guide”, you can find the most current activities program. You will receive the link to this guide prior to arrival.