Culinary enjoyment

in and around the park

The Burgundian enjoyment of life and the ultimate holiday feeling go hand in hand at Parc Maasresidence Thorn. It is not a coincidence the park is located in the Mecca of Burgundian Limburg where you can see, taste and experience what the region has to offer, both in and around the park. 
In Burgundian Limburg you can enjoy your days to their fullest potential. Limburg is also known for being the region of taste and eating out together, which has to be experienced! From delicious restaurants, cozy cafés, diners and breweries to quality wines and the Limburgs Kloostervarken (happy 'Livar' pigs), let yourself get swept away.
    • Extensive offer at the park
    • Burgundian Limburg
    • Delicious restaurants
    • Cozy cafés
    • Beers from Limbur and quality wines
    • Regional dishes

Limburgian delicacies

Enjoy some pie and asparagus. Toast with a Limburgian beer and stroll through the wonderful vineyards. Everything here comes fresh from the rich soil, according to traditional, original or surprising recipes. Limburg is not only bursting with regional dishes, but also has the means to serve beer and wine from its own wineries and breweries. This is the reason for Limburg's flourishing wine culture. You can taste these wines at various vineyards throughout Limburg. As an enthusiast, you should absolutely not miss out on Wijngoed Thorn.

Eat with a star chef of your choice 

They cook with such otherworldly talent and have also been rewarded with one or more Michelin stars. Limburg has a large number of star chefs who can offer the highest levels of culinary delights. Restaurants in the area which fit this description are restaurant ONE and Sabero in Roermond, with restaurant Da Vinci in Maasbracht.

Culinary castles 

Castles can be found in many places in Limburg. The fun part is that you can have a delicious dinner at some of them! Hidden between the hills, on extensive estates and on the border with our neighboring countries, they are waiting to be discovered. Atmospheric, fun and romantic.

The taste of Thor 

In Thorn, you can spoil your taste buds close to home. A great example for this would be the Pannekoekenbakker. It is housed in a historic building dating back to the early 17th century, in the heart of the crisp white town of Thorn. It is the perfect place to rest after a long walk or bike ride with a beautiful view of the Abbey Church. With its extensive pancake menu, several play areas and even a toy shop, this restaurant is an absolute favorite of visiting children.

At Grand-Café 't Stift you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a piece of Limburgian flan, a delicious sandwich or a nice warm bite to eat. With various regional beers on tap, during summer there is nothing better to do than to lounge on the terrace.

Restaurant Hofferkeukens owes its name to the past function of the building. This building was the original court kitchen of the palace which used to be in Thorn. Next to the Abijkerk, this is one of the last remaining pieces of Thorn's rich noble history. Upon entering the Hofferkeukens you will be greeted by Regina Mignotti. A real woman of power from that time, she was the first to open her own opera house. As a guest you will find yourself in the same luxury, opulence and comfort as the princess abbesses of those times.


Culinary delights in the park 

Luxury dining while at the same time enjoying a breathtaking view of the marina and the water: you can do all of these at Humphrey's Thorn Restaurant in the Parc Maasresidence Thorn. Enjoy the cozy restaurant, the trendy lounge bar or step outside on one of the beautiful terraces. Get a fresh breakfast, a delicious lunch or an extensive dinner, try a delicious espresso or the tastiest cocktails and smoothies, there is something for everyone here.

For your daily shopping you can go to the MRT Shop & Bakery located in the park. Here you will find a wide range of local products, regional delicacies and fresh fruits and vegetables, straight from the farm.

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