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In just 20 minutes you can get from the park to the pleasant city of Weert, also known as 'the gateway to Limburg', due to its location in North Brabant. Tip: from the park, don’t take the route over the highway, but the one running along the villages of Baexem and Mildert, for example. Weert is a typical Burgundian city with many shops, squares, terraces and of course the home of the delicious Weerter pies. Weert has many churches, chapels and monasteries to be discovered. The Bospop festival and the Weerter funfair are also very popular. For a day of shopping, visit the unique specialty stores, but don't forget to walk amongst the inspiring street art.
    • Shopping city
    • Cozy city center
    • Kempen-Broek nature reserve
    • The Iron Man recreation area
    • Family day out

Kempen-Broek nature reserve

Those who fancy an adventure through a mysterious border region can enjoy themselves in Kempen-Broek. This is the land of former smugglers, which for a long time consisted of an inaccessible swamp area. Nowadays you will find a true mosaic of landscapes and beautiful nature to stroll through. For sports activities, adventure and water fun, go to the IJzerenman Weert Recreation Area: a versatile sports, relaxation and recreation area located in the Kempen-Broek nature reserve.

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