Choose the Maasplassen in May

When you look across the deep, pensive waters of the Maasplassen that softly shimmer in the warm spring sun, there is probably only one thing on your mind… to smash through it with an awesome rental sloop or paddle boat!

Choose the Maasplassen in May

The May Holiday lies just around the corner, during which the waters around Parc Maasresidence Thorn truly spring to life! The days are long, the sun is high in the sky, and the Galloway cows peacefully graze in the long grass along the shores. Everywhere you look, water sports activities, cafes, beaches, and waterparks open up once more, and Parc Maasresidence Thorn is not one to miss out on the fun! The resort is surrounded by water on three sides, so you can imagine that everybody here is a bit of a water nut. Even before the first spring rays of sunshine thaw the icy fields in the area, you will find us dipping our toes in the water!

The May Holiday only lasts a week… way too little time to engage in all the great water activities. That’s why we thought we could help out with a little overview:

MRT Harbor

Naturally, the resort has its very own harbor! Behind the classic blue bridge, nestled in a quiet bay of De Grote Hegge, you will find the jetties of the MRT Harbor. From here you can rent a sloop or paddle boat and float around the Maasplassen at your own leisure. You can easily reserve a boat at the reception, but make sure to book ahead of time… you’re definitely not the only one with such a great idea. The harbor also features a number of moorings for resort guests who have their own boats. There are two types of moorings, with a surface area of 8 x 2.7 or 9 x 3 meters respectively. Finally, the terrace of Humphrey’s Thorn restaurant lies right next to the harbor. Here you can enjoy a coffee with typical regional delicacies while you boastfully point out which boat is yours to unsuspecting guests.

MRT Beach

If you follow the boulevard across the blue bridge from the harbor, you will end up at MRT Beach, beautifully located a mere 130 kilometers away from the sea. Yes, we know. That might be a little far… but luckily you don’t need the sea for this beach! Instead, you have the lush Maasplassen to enjoy! At the beach, you can rent a SUP board or even a SUP bike and spend the day paddling through the charming countryside. The only thing this beach does miss are the waves; but we have come up with a solution for that too: a surfboard with a motor! These “e-Foils” take some getting used to, but once you get going, they are truly exhilarating!

MRT Pool

If the dazzling springtime sun is a little too bright for you, just pop by for a dive in the supernew and fabulous swimming pool. The large pool, kiddie pool, and bubble bath were finished less than half a year ago and offer a lovely, heated alternative to the waters of the Maasplassen. Shoot down the long slide and stretch out on one of the beach chairs while your kid tries (in vain) to do a handstand with floaties on. The MRT Pool is the best place to truly get into that May Holiday vibe!

The broader MRT surroundings

Of course, we are not the only ones to realize the amount of fun you can have on the Maasplassen. Everywhere around us, all kinds of exciting activities and relaxing beach clubs can be found. A mere 6-minute drive away from the resort, for example, you can find Fun Beach Panheel, one of the largest water parks in the Netherlands with a floating island that is a whopping 2000 square meters in size! Furthermore, Area X, a hip water recreation area with cafes, beaches, clubs, and a wake park, lies just a 15-minute drive from our resort. It’s situated near the city of Roermond, so you can even go shop for a stylish new swimsuit at Designer Outlet Roermond beforehand!

There is so much to see and do at Parc Maasresidence Thorn during the May Holiday that you might even forget that just enjoying a day on the beach whilst swimming in the lakes is also an option. You don’t necessarily need an e-Foil or SUP board to fully enjoy all the water has to offer. All in all, there is so much to see and do during the May Holiday at Parc Maasresidence Thorn, and then we haven’t even mentioned all the great past-time activities on dry land. But that it a tale for a different time…