Dare To Face the Sun

Spring! Spring is coming! The trees are budding, the sun is shining a little brighter, and the bunnies are slowly emerging from their holes.

Actually, there are quite some forest critters that reappear from their holes and dens after the winter. Many mammals gather a hefty meal in the fall in order to sleep through the entire winter. It must be strange for them to awake to a whole new season.

In some ways, people are quite similar. We might not need to hibernate, but we do need to adjust to the changing weather. When is the heater turned off? Should you still wear gloves when cycling? Should you start thinking about your beach body? Yes, we humans also need some time to reintegrate after staying in our proverbial holes.

Dare To Face the Sun

At Parc Maasresidence Thorn, this period of transition exists too. During spring, the sun shines brightly but the water is still icy cold. You can lie out on a deck chair with a good book, but not yet in your swimming trunks or bikini. So, what can and can’t you do? Well, we have made a simple guide for you.

Finding the First Terrace of the Year

Always exciting! Is it warm enough? Will it rain? Should you bring a sweater? The terrace at Humphrey’s Thorn is a highly suitable option as a first spring terrace. With a broad variety of tables, an extensive Burgundian menu, and a stunning view across the Maasplassen, anyone will feel right at home here. In case it does get a little nippy, no worries: they have terrace heating! Still too cold? There’s also plenty of space inside just in case!

A Walk? Yes Please!

All the flowers are budding, trees are playfully draped with young green leaves, and Scottish Highlanders moo softly in the distance. The nature around Parc Maasresidence Thorn blossoms to life during the spring. Should you dare to leave the house for a stroll, you might just meet a hedgehog who is out and about for the first time too. Just go for it! The reception can help you in the right direction.

Water. Brr!

Unless you have the lifelong ambition of becoming an ice cube, we would not recommend a swim in the Grotte Hegge during spring. However, Parc Maasresidence Thorn is situated on the Maasplassen, and that means there are more than enough water-based alternatives. From April onwards, for example, you can rent the sloops again on which you can explore the Maasplassen. Would you rather enjoy the water at a safe distance? Rent a bike or e-bike and cycle around the lakes! If both of these activities are too cold and strenuous for your taste, you can also just bob around a bit in our heated indoor pool.

A Sunny Lawn!

The lawns around our villas are slowly turning green again, but what can you do outside in the garden with this spring weather? Well actually, everything! In the Premium Outdoor Villas, for example, you can get your barbecue skills on par before the summer season by practicing on the Kamado Joe ceramic barbecues. The lawns are also perfect for a game of soccer, or just for lying in whilst enjoying the new warmth of the sun. Even if it starts raining, there is no reason to panic. Each villa has its own covered terrace!

Finding the sun

Of course, the sun shines everywhere; but in some spots, it shines a little brighter than in others. There are a number of truly dazzling places worth visiting during the spring. The old white houses of Thorn, for example, seem to glow under the spring sun and starkly contrast the bouquet of colors created by the spring flowers, blossom, and fresh green grass. The shining city of Roermond is also definitely worth a visit. Check out the spring collection at Designer Outlet Roermond or go to Area X, a “beach” place bustling with cafés, bars, and activities.

Withdrawal Symptoms

It can be difficult and scary to get accustomed to the sun. You might even be inclined to run back inside, where it’s cold and dark and safe. Should you experience these types of withdrawal symptoms, we recommend visiting Maastricht or Valkenburg. Book a tour by foot or bike through one of the many amazing cave complexes until you feel confident enough to face the sun again!

To Conclude…

Spring takes some getting used to. Everyone just wants to put on their shorts or skirts and enjoy the warmth of the new season. However, we all know that, definitely in The Netherlands, this is not always possible. The forecasts for the sun are dubious at best and temperatures fluctuate almost hourly. You can never be fully prepared but come rain or sun, Parc Maasresidence Thorn does its utmost best to have an activity at the ready.

Right now, it’s still cold outside, so just stay inside a little longer and ponder upon our advice. Once you have gathered the courage to go outside, just know that we are there for you!