Free for Easter… Now What?!

Easter: in all honesty, it’s not really a fully blown holiday, but at the same time, you do get some days off. Unlike with other holidays, such as with Christmas, there are not a lot of rules for Easter either. Everyone can do whatever they feel like. Some families have bucket-loads of traditions at the ready, while others specifically plan nothing, content with the fact that they have the day off. Then, there is a large group of people who want to celebrate Easter, but just don’t know how. Will you travel somewhere? Is everyone going to go on an egg hunt? Will you try to make an extensive Easter breakfast? So much to do and so few guidelines!

Free for Easter… Now What?!

This year, Parc Maasresidence Thorn wants to help out all the people that feel a little lost during Easter. We know it’s difficult. On one hand, you want to plan something fun, but on the other hand you also want to spend quality time with your family. A fickle balance to keep!

The Parc Maasresidence Thorn solution? A little bit of everything!

First and foremost, we have decided to tackle the classics: arts & crafts, painting, and searching.

Arts and Crafts

For some reason, Easter and crafts go hand in hand. You always either make something that ends up in the trash the same day, or you make something that stays in the family for generations. A colleague of ours actually still uses the egg-shaped flowerpot his mom made in middle school! Happy Benny, our favorite mascot, will organize arts and crafts workshops for kids on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of April between 10 and 11 AM. Maybe… just maybe, your child will come home with an Easter ornament that will become a staple decoration for years to come!


You can’t say you have celebrated Easter if you haven’t painted some eggs. Ideally, you have a table overflowing with paint, glitter, stickers and ribbons at the ready, so you can make some egg-celent creations. Naturally, you should make a few traditionally colored eggs, but don’t hold back in creating something unique! Try your hand at painting a self-portrait or give your egg a 3-piece suit! On the 9th of April, between 13:00 and 14:00, everyone can come paint eggs. We are expecting to see some masterpieces!


Once your self-portrait inevitably fails, you will probably wish to hide your egg. No problem at all, because we will be throwing a big Easter egg hunt! Eggs will be hidden throughout the entire park for everyone to find. It is smart, however, to not put all your eggs in one basket. Egg your family on to join in on the fun as well! And no worries, we will be using chocolate eggs for the hunt, so you can take your own painted eggs home with you!

Besides these traditional Easter activities, we have also given our personal spin to the festivities. We thought that Easter might be the perfect time to go dancing. Luckily, our mascot Happy Benny has a view dance moves up his sleeve. Come dance with him during the mini discos on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of April! Furthermore, to us, Easter seems like the ideal moment to play a few games of Pétanque! After all, isn’t a Pétanque bal just a metal Easter egg without a pointy end?

Given the fact that Easter is a time of ambiguity, we have also decided to organize an Easter quiz and gameshow! You never know; maybe it will give you some inspiration for future Easter celebrations!

Yet, as previously stated, Easter should also be a time for you and your family. Our busy lives don’t always allow us to spend quality time with those we love. Therefore, the most important thing to do during Easter is to make your own plan with the people you care for most. For example, you can enjoy an extensive brunch at Humphrey’s Thorn restaurant or throw a barbecue on your Premium Outdoor villa terrace. You could take an Easter hike around the Maasplassen or even visit the Easter market of Panningen on the 10th of April. Or why not order sushi, snuggle up on the couch, and watch your go-to family movie?

All in all, you have the power to decide what Easter is to you. Parc Maasresidence Thorn has some ideas, but Easter is yours to fill in. We only hope that our view on Easter will inspire some new traditions of your own!