Discover & Experience the Maasplassen in the heart of Limburg!

When you think of Limburg, you probably see rolling hills, marl caves, or those delicious fruit pies which can only be made that are specifically tasty here. What many people don't know is that you will also find the largest continuous water sports area in the Netherlands in this province, called The Maasplassen!

Discover & Experience the Maasplassen in the heart of Limburg!

These lakes on the river Meuse have been created by the slow and steady extraction of gravel and can be found both in Belgian and Dutch Limburg. Because of its vastness, this area is a true Eldorado for water sports enthusiasts of many types..

Boats and boat owners can use the larger or smaller marinas located in the area. Not owning a boat isn’t a problem either! There are numerous rental companies in the region where you can opt for a sloop or a motorboat. In addition to this, during the summer, when the water has a pleasant temperature, you can of course enjoy swimming, surfing, sailing, canoeing and even diving. You can relax on one of the many beaches and cozy terraces. If you prefer the more challenging water sports, the Maasplassen is the right place for you. You can do plenty of water skiing, flyboarding and wakeboarding here.

Tip! At the Limburg Sailcenter in Belgium you can rent a camping raft for the night on which you can sail on the river Meuse to, for example, the white town of Thorn. You can use the raft for more than just to sleep on. How nice is it to just plunge into the water from the raft under the warm sun then let yourself dry off on the deck and then enjoy the water again. Do you like fishing? Then you should take your fishing rod with you. You are sure to encounter the most beautiful fishing spots!

Fishing on the Meuse

There are plenty of opportunities to fish along the Meuse for perch, pike and carp. The river offers experienced anglers, who aren’t afraid of a little current, plenty of room to cast the rod. The Maasplassen itself gives the chance to try out slightly calmer waters with an enormous diversity of fish. In some places the Maasplassen are up to six meters deep. The accessibility of the fishing water is optimal. In many places you can park your car near the water. Are you taking a boat? There is always a slipway to be found nearby. Keep in mind that you have to have a valid fishing license for this.

On the road with a bike

Tired of all the water fun? Then head out on a bike. You can enjoy cycling along the floodplains of the Meuse, which are surrounded by the most beautiful nature reserves. With the cycling road network you can easily plan your own route. Of course you can always just cycle for a while and simply find one of the information panels with an overview map so you know exactly where you are. Incidentally, the bicycle junction network also connects perfectly with the German and Belgian bicycle networks. Abroad is closer than you would think. Go for coffee in the Netherlands in the morning, have a nice Belgian beer in the afternoon and end the day with a schnitzel in Germany.

The surprising beauty of Roermond

Have you always wanted to visit Roermond? This episcopal city has a beautiful historic center. The atmospheric market square is a nice place to sit on a terrace with a view of the beautiful Saint Christopher's Cathedral and the town hall. Tip! The church's 86-meter tower is open every first Saturday of the month from April to October at 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM. You do have to climb quite a few stairs, but at the top you are greeted by a beautiful view! And…after just a five-minute walk from the center you will find yourself in Designer Outlet Roermond, where you can visit no fewer than 185 shops and 25 catering establishments. So if you like shopping, you must visit this place! It is also fun and relaxing to take a cruise, the ideal way to experience how huge and vast the area of the Maasplassen really is. You can get on a boat in the center of Roermond on the Roerkade. The cruise takes over an hour.

Parc Maasresidence Thorn

Limburg is also known for its hospitality and delicious food. There are plenty of cozy restaurants in the vicinity of the Maasplassen. Are you looking for a nice vacation spot? You can spend the night in a hotel, B&B, bungalow park, holiday home, hiker's cabin or at a campsite. Starting with next spring, another top location will be added to this list! Parc Maasresidence Thorn is located in the heart of the Central Limburgian recreation area. A beautiful holiday park located in an absolute A+ location. In the park you will find a day beach, extensive central facilities and various types of holiday homes, such as harbor apartments with a view over the marina. Here you can fully enjoy the Maasplassen, the white town of Thorn and the beautiful surroundings!