Your Personal Black Friday Guide

It’s the first real day of winter. The bitter cold swats around silent homes and icy rains torment the streets. To your dismay, your grumbling stomach tells you to do groceries, and so you find yourself looking for a stylish winter outfit. You open the closet and… a horrifying scene unfolds… you have nothing nice to wear! Oh, the horror! You are left having to face the unrelenting winter in a faded Christmas sweater and mothy, old winter coat!

Your Personal Black Friday Guide

Don’t let this nightmare become reality! Make the necessary preparations to greet the dark days with sparkle and glam! Naturally, there is no better day to go winter shopping for that hot haute couture outfit than Black Friday! Parc Maasresidence Thorn is the perfect base of operations if you are looking to go on a decadent shopping spree through the stylish boutiques and malls in the region. To maximize the number of shops that you can visit, we have created a comprehensive list of all Black Friday highlights:

Maastricht: 17-24 November

I might be stepping on a few toes by saying this but… be honest, isn’t Maastricht the prettiest city of the Netherlands? Every street you turn into feels like the opening scene of a cliché Christmas movie. During Black Friday, this feeling goes into overdrive. The entire city is brilliantly decorated while cozy restaurants with hot coffee and terrace heating stand at the ready. Every shopping alley bustles with conviviality. Between the central station and the Vrijthof, you will find a plethora of quaint shopping streets and malls to saunter through. Looking for an authentic jacket or one-of-a-kind shoes? Then we highly recommend a visit to Wyck! This area has rapidly grown in popularity over the past years and is well known for its hip, vintage stores. Looking for something a bit classier instead? Simply walk across the river toward the Stokstraatkwartier! Here, you will be met with a cornucopia of chic brands that also partake in the Black Friday mania.

We highly recommend parking your car somewhere at the beginning of the day and simply going by foot, bike, or transport. Given the small size of the city center, these are definitely the easiest modes of transportation.

Should gravity be pulling the bags around your arms down near the end of the day, then Maastricht offers various great Burgundian cafés and restaurants to sit down at and take a breather. The Onze Lieve Vrouwe Square and the Rechtstraat are both a true, culinary delight. Besides these places, the Vrijthof is also there to greet you with hot meals and tasty cocktails.

Düsseldorf: 20 - 27 november

Düsseldorf?! Yes, Düsseldorf! It might be a slightly longer drive away, but during Black Friday, it’s worth your while. This large city on the Rhine features a stunning synthesis of old and new, hiding several brilliant shopping areas underneath its stylish mantel. Make sure to stretch beforehand because Düsseldorf will be a shopping marathon! This provincial capital will not be tamed so easily! Start by heading over to the Königsallee, the oldest and most charming shopping street in the entire city. Here, you will find numerous famous brands, authentic boutique stores, and super cozy cafés next to the channel. Take in the mesmerizing architecture and dazzling storefronts before slowly making your way over to the Kö Gallerie. The Kö Gallerie is a true Valhalla for the high-end shoppers among us. Take advantage of Black Friday to get the best deals on exclusive brands here. This shiny, spacious mall boasts a staggering 44 shops and 9 restaurants, so go nuts!

Ready to move on? Saunter onward toward the Düsseldorf Arcaden for a slightly more relaxed shopping experience. Here, you will find your day-to-day brands, concept stores, and culinary specialty shops. Should you still have some fuel left over after all these places, then head on over to Stilwerk Düsseldorf for an entirely different shopping experience. Stilwerk Düsseldorf is an absolute living-design and interior-concept paradise! During Black Friday, you can find all kinds of great deals on high-quality brands for your home, garden, and kitchen. So yes… Düsseldorf… worth it!

Roermond: 17-27 November

Naturally, we need to finish our shopping tour with Roermond, the Black Friday epicenter of The Netherlands. The entire city radiates with enchanting lighting and dazzling decorations. Every street between the Ratten Tower and the station has its own charm, unique stores, cozy bistros, and of course, enticing black Friday deals. Whilst on your shopping spree, take a detour through the Roercenter, an alluring mall with a mish-mash of famous brands and exclusive boutique stores.

However, your shopping experience in Roermond is completely incomplete without a visit to Designer Outlet Roermond. This stunning shopping village is the largest outlet in the entire Benelux region, so you can easily lose track of time by just wandering around the fancy alleys, mesmerizing storefronts, and cozy squares. There are a grand total of 200 sales going on during Black Friday; some of them offer as much as 70 percent discount! Your perfect winter outfit is bound to be between those deals somewhere! Indulge yourself in the glamorous atmosphere and come home with top-shelf brand clothing. Don’t forget to take a break every once in a while, by sitting down and ordering one of the famous Gingerbread and Stroopwafel lattes!

Have you finished gathering your one-of-a-kind outfit? Then walk back to the market square across from the city hall. Between the 10th of November and the 7th of January, you will find a spectacular, fairy-tale light show here. Following the breathtaking projections on the city hall, you can walk down a decorated trail with all kinds of light-inspired artwork, shows, and XXL photo spots where you can immediately put your newly gathered clothes on display.

There is a direct bus line connection between Parc Maasresidence Thorn and Roermond, so you can simply choose to leave your car at our resort to avoid parking costs.

Finish with a Catwalk

There you have it; your shopping spree has come to an end, and like a peacock spreading its tail, you are ready to flaunt your winter colors. As you walk on by, jaws drop to the ground and every door is swung open. People can’t help but stare and fragile relationships shatter right in front of you. Own it. Show it. Once you’re back at Parc Maasresidence Thorn, put on your new outfit one last time and prepare for a photo shoot at the resort. The blue drawbridge, MRT Beach, and MRT Promenade are great backdrops for your Insta-worthy shots.

Are you ready for the greatest Black Friday holiday in the south of the Netherlands? Be sure to book a luxury stay at our resort and turn Black Friday into an oh-my-God-I’m-so-pretty-I’m-gonna-cry-day