Enjoy the Spring Break in Limburg

Taste the first rays of sunshine

Budding flowers shoot up under the young sun as green leaves slowly return to the barren trees. Everything basks in the warm rays of light… spring has returned to Limburg! During the Spring Break, you can truly find everything you need at our luxury resort. Go on a Happy Benny scavenger hunt, dive in the brand-new MRT Pool or take a lovely bike ride through the enchanting landscape of Limburg. After an exciting day in the spring sun, you can return to your comfy villa or apartment. Are you ready for spring in Limburg?
  • Kids Club
  • Special villas
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Bike rental
  • Restaurant & café
  • Private sauna

Experience Spring at the Maasplassen

During the Spring Break in Limburg, you can fully enjoy the long days, sunny weather, and the gradual awakening of nature. Stroll along the Maasplassen or the forested area bordering our luxury resort. It’s also possible to rent a bike, e-bike, mountain bike or e-chopper and start following one of the many trails in the area. For example, you can cycle to the charming city of Thorn or visit the fun city center of Roermond. We also highly recommend walking or cycling along the boulevard that passes through the park. Along the way, there are a number of idyllic places to have a picnic or to take pretty photos.

Facilities and activities during the Spring Break in Limburg

At our luxury holiday park, there is more than enough to do during the Spring Break. Children, for example, will have an absolute blast with the Happy Benny Kids Club animation team. At the club, adventurous activities or educational workshops are organized to match any interest your kid may have. Furthermore, they also organize a mini disco. Who has the best dance moves?

Our very own MRT Pool is also highly recommended for a day filled with swimming adventures. Splash down from the slide, relax in the whirlpool, or play with your children in the large kiddie pool. Looking for even more aquatic fun? You can also find paddle boats and SUP boards at the harbor.

Accommodations for the Spring Holiday in Limburg

Let your kids know they have truly earned their Spring Holiday by booking our unique Kids Special villas. The accommodations are fully equipped to serve every child’s need. It features special bedrooms, a play area and direct access to an enclosed playground from the backyard.

Besides the Kids Special villas, a whole range of different luxury accommodations can be found at Parc Maasresidence Thorn, each serving a different Spring Holiday purpose. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Maasplassen with a Premium Water villa or from the Lake View apartments, maisonnettes, hotel rooms, or penthouses. For nature lovers, the Premium Outdoor villas are highly recommended. They come with a large green garden, BBQ furniture, and a private sauna. Check out all of our luxury accommodations.

Book a stay in Limburg during Spring Break at Parc Maasresidence Thorn

Are you looking to celebrate your holidays at a unique location whilst experiencing the true feeling of freedom? Look no further than Parc Maasresidence Thorn. Enjoy the magnificent view across the pensive waters of the Maasplassen and experience the springtime awakening of the surrounding nature. Furthermore, you are always in close proximity to quaint little towns and villages such as Thorn and Roermond, where you can enjoy all manner of local delicacies. Experience spring in Limburg at Parc Maasresidence Thorn, our luxury holiday resort on the Maasplassen.

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Happy Benny

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