Luxury home on the water

Enjoy a breathtaking destination

Come and relax in a holiday home on the water at Parc Maasresidence Thorn. The MRT Beach on the beautiful Maasplassen lakes are just a stone’s throw away from your accommodation. A host of exciting water sports and activities can be found around these beautiful, expansive lakes. For example, you can rent a sloop, pedal boat, or SUP board and enjoy all that the Maasplassen has to offer.

From our accommodations, you also have a breathtaking view of the water. Our comfortable villas, hotel rooms, apartments, and maisonettes overlook the charming MRT Harbor, the famous blue bridge, and the magnificent Maasplassen, bringing your weekend or holiday to the next level!

  • Holiday home in The Netherlands by the water
  • Holiday park directly on the Maasplassen
  • Close to the German border
  • Villas with their own jetty
  • Marina and MRT Beach
  • Numerous water sports facilities

Opt for a holiday home on the water in Limburg

Parc Maasresidence Thorn lies on the versatile Maasplassen. These artificial lakes near the Maas were created by gravel extraction during the 20th century. These days, barely any gravel is extracted, and the entire area, consisting of 30km² between Thorn and Roermond, has been transformed into the largest water recreation area in The Netherlands! The surroundings are absolutely stunning and it’s a paradise on earth for water sports enthusiasts who are looking for adventure.

Cosy holiday homes near the water

At Parc Maasresidence Thorn, you can stay in a diverse set of luxury accommodations near the water. For example, you can choose to book a Lake View hotel room, apartment, maisonette, or penthouse, or opt for a villa. The charming Premium Water villas even directly border the water with their backyards, offering a stunning view across the lakes. Furthermore, they feature a high-end private sauna, sun beds, and a private jetty for blow-up or rowing boats. The luxury hotel rooms, apartments, maisonettes, and penthouses boast a garden or large balcony with a breathtaking view of the Maasplassen and the bustling marina. Enjoy the charming surroundings with a cold drink from the comforts of your villa or apartment.


Smashing and splashing activities at our holiday park near the water

During your stay in your holiday home near the water, there are a great number of things to do! You can engage in all kinds of thrilling activities that are cut out for the true adventurer. For example, you can rent a SUP board, SUP bike, or Efoil at MRT Beach or go diving in the Maasplassen lakes to see one of the largest fresh-water shipwrecks. With all these cool activities, you are guaranteed to have an exciting time. For a more relaxing experience, you can rent a sloop and take a fun tour across the lakes. Be aware: we do not facilitate supervision at MRT Beach, but we do offer a number of safe aquatic facilities.

Rent a great home for your waterside holiday in The Netherlands

At Parc Maasresidence Thorn in Limburg, you are guaranteed to have an amazing holiday on the water. You can enjoy the Premium Water villas right on the shores of the lakes, take a refreshing dive, go paddle boating, sailing, or SUP’ing! Should the weather turn sour, then you can always enjoy the brand-new covered pool. Are you ready for a relaxing stay, filling all your heart’s desires at our luxury holiday park on the Maasplassen? Then book your perfect accommodation at Parc Maasresidence Thorn now!

Discover more...

MRT Pool

A real holiday includes swimming and having fun in the water! With the day beach at MRT Beach and the brand new indoor swimming pool MRT Pool, Parc Maasresidence Thorn can be enjoyed all year round by every age group. You can splash into the water from the large slide, swim a few laps, enjoy the spacious whirlpool while the kids play in the spacious children's pool. Don’t forget to dry off on the terrace of Humphrey’s Thorn afterwards!


MRT Beach

Whether you decide to cross the lake with a pedal boat or choose to enjoy a nice walk or cycling trip on the boulevard, MRT Beach is definitely worth discovering! Here, you can enjoy various outdoor activities whilst the versatile Maasplassen allows water sports enthusiasts to truly indulge themselves.


MRT Harbor

What could be better than boarding your boat right after stepping out of a holiday villa? The beautifully landscaped marina, located next to the park’s attractive boulevard has spacious moorings with jetties which are easy to reach. You can moor your boat, rent a sloop at the marina and set out to discover the beautiful surroundings from the water!



The eFoil boards are equipped with a long fin and a powerful electric motor, with which you can fly endlessly over the water without the need of wind or waves. eFoiling is easy to learn on MRT Beach! There is a special E-Flow team on hand, you can rent SUP boards from them in addition to getting eFoil lessons and going to workshops.